Frequently asked questions

Where can I get bonus bets?

Most of the bookies still offer bonus bets. Due to government regulation most have had to stop the visible promotions. You can still get 100% or even 150% deposit bonus. Join with us and we can give you all the tricks to get a bonus with each of the Bookmakers.

Which bookies still offer bonus bets?

Generally bonus bets are a bet added to your account that you must select when placing a bet. If the bet loses you do not pay for the bet. If the bet win you are credited with the winnings, not the stake. There are other promotions so always check the T&Cs or email us with questions.

What are money back promotions?

Money back or free bets back promotions are when you place a bet using your own cash. If the bet loses but meets conditions of the promotions (eg runs 2nd or 3rd) you are given the cash back or free bets to equal the promotion.

Which sites offer the best bonus bets?

All the sites have great bonus bets and promotions. We have some great bookies offering 200% bonus on your deposit right now. Join and get access to all the promotions and promo codes.

Are deposit bonus bets still available?

Most bookmakers are not showing the deposit bonus bets due to government regulation but most still offer them. Be sure to join for promo codes and get the most bang for your buck!